You Control The Conversation

Here’s something to remember: when you’re in a pitch meeting, you control the conversation. All the new information that is to be imparted during the meeting? That all comes from you.

So decide. What is it that you want to share? Of course you’ll tell them about your company or your project, but what else.

There are always a few things you need to say about your project to feel complete. To feel heard. Usually, these include the key elements (whether it’s a script or a start-up), what makes it special, and what drew you to it in the first place. There may be something else — if you’re a genuine fan of their work, or if you have a particularly strong personal connection to the material, for instance — that you want to say while you have the chance. Say them. 

There will only be about five or six points that, if you hit them, you will have done all you can. At that point, the project is right for them or it’s not right for them — that, you can’t control. But you can control your communication. You can feel heard.