Laura teaches you to sell fire in hell.

Nikki Toscano, writer/producer, Revenge, Bates Motel


I had the pleasure of being media-trained by Laura for the release of my debut novel, The Idea of You, and it was likely the singular most valuable thing I did in the months leading up to publishing. I’ve had lots of experience with public speaking and being on camera but it’s easy to get caught up explaining all the minutiae of one’s work, and Laura was able to hone my personal story and my book’s story into a trim, coherent, engaging message. As a result, my delivery was consistently smooth and confident, and I had the satisfaction of knowing I’d been heard. Laura is exceptional at what she does and I look forward to working with her on my next project!

Robinne Lee, actress and author, The Idea of You


I just spent 15 minutes with Laura.  We started the session with her knowing nothing about what I did. Within minutes she had interpreted my ramblings into a logline.  It was like magic! 

– Debbie Yarwood, founder, New Hire 365.


Double Wedding 2


Laura is the Queen of Structure. She sees where the story needs to go — and all the ways to get there.

Jennifer Maisel, screenwriter, Double Wedding, The Assault, Lost Boy 




Pitching is an art and it’s pretty terrifying for all of us… Laura will turn that fear into fun!  She’ll have you feeling confident, excited, and absolutely at ease… nothing short of a miracle!

Suzanne Lyons, producer, Undertaking Betty, Candy Stripers, Most Likely To Die


1408Laura Brennan is one part teacher, one part artist, and one part writer’s secret weapon. For two decades, she has been my go-to advisor on both the craft of screenwriting and the art of screen-selling. For me and many other clients, she is quite simply the “Pitch Whisperer’… 

Matt Greenberg, screenwriter, 1408, The Invisible Man, Halloween H2O