Pitching 101

Simply put, pitching is telling a good story.  It can be the story of you, the story of your business, or the story of your screenplay. 

Whether you’re pitching yourself, your expertise or your project, a good story, well-told, is irresistible.

Here are some articles I’ve written to get you started:

* How to Write a TV Series Pitch Packet

* Say What?

* The Stages of a Pitch

* How to Tell if a Writing Gig is Real

You Control the Conversation

And here are some links to other useful sites:

* Producer Suzanne Lyons has gobs of useful information on her YouTube channel, everything from setting goals to producing your indie film.  Here’s the playlist for her Ten Tips on Pitching.  It is awesome, and I don’t just say that because I’m Tip #6!

* The guys at Fizzle have a free blog and podcast in which they repeatedly cover branding and pitching from all sorts of different angles. Geared towards entrepreneurs, the podcast in particular can get a little rowdy and off-topic, but that’s part of their charm – and their brand.

* Great blog post from Danny Brown on simplicity and honesty in a tag line. The same holds true for your personal brand and elevator pitch.

* Going to a writers conference? Pitch to agents!

* Michael Hauge is an old friend of mine and utterly brilliant.  Here’s his take on how – and why – to incorporate other movies (or books) in your own pitches.