Networking Challenge: Ready, Set —

Welcome to the 2018 Networking Challenge! Double your connections, double your impact — that is the name of this game.

And it is a game. It should be fun! It’s that old “spoonful of sugar” adage: when something is enjoyable — or at least not downright awful — we tend do to more of it. So how do we make our networking challenge fun?

First of all, let’s pick our goal. Having a specific end result in mind means we know when we can celebrate. Whoo-hoo!

I offer you two possible goals. Both are equally fabulous, it’s entirely your choice. Either:

1) Double the current number of contacts you have in 2018, or

2) Add 100 new contacts in 2018

Personally, I am a data geek. I love numbers, and I want to start out knowing how many people I already have in my virtual Rolodex. However, I am also super-busy, and for other super-busy folks, I wanted a shortcut that would still give you a transformative result, without having to do number-crunching prep. Double or +100, it’s up to you.

Second, think about why you want to do this. What will be the result of doubling the size of your network? What will more connections mean for your career, your life, and the impact your work can have? Paint a detailed, satisfying picture of the difference you can make. I’ve put together a worksheet to help you out: Networking Challenge 2018 – Your Big Why Worksheet

Finally — and this really is critical, do not skip this step — start building a support system to keep you on track. I’ll talk about this more down the line, but to start, where can you build existing friends into your networking? A buddy system is always better than going it alone.

Have a lovely holiday season, and I look forward to connecting with you in the New Year!

— Laura