Need help clearly communicating why you — and your project — are fabulous? There are two different ways to work with me.

By Project:

Elevator Pitch – $60

An elevator pitch is fast and fun to create. It requires a 20-minute phone call, and I guarantee that by the end you will have something you’re excited to run out and say.  Because if not, I will give you another 20 minutes free of charge.

I just spent 15 minutes with Laura.  We started the session with her knowing nothing about what I did. Within minutes she had interpreted my ramblings into a logline.  It was like magic! 

Debbie Yarwood, founder, New Hire 365.

Synopsis – $150

Sometimes the hardest thing is paring your epic movie or novel down to a one-page synopsis.  I provide a list of questions and prompts, and I turn your answers into a one-page synopsis.  One polish based on your notes is included in the flat price; I always want to make sure you’re happy.

Laura is the Queen of Structure. She sees where the story needs to go — and all the ways to get there.

Jennifer Maisel, screenwriter, Double Wedding, The Assault, Lost Boy

Meeting Prep – $250

Whether you are meeting venture capitalists, movie producers, or a CEO, pitch meetings have a certain rhythm to them. I’ll help you prepare for the meeting and the introductory chit-chat, develop your elevator pitch and how you’ll launch into it, deliver the meat of the pitch, address their questions and concerns, and ask for the sale — whether what you are selling is your expertise, your script, or your company.

Pitching is an art and it’s pretty terrifying for all of us… Laura will turn that fear into fun!  She’ll have you feeling confident, excited, and absolutely at ease… nothing short of a miracle!

Suzanne Lyons, producer, Undertaking Betty, Candy Stripers, Most Likely To Die

Lecture/PowerPoint/TED-like Talks – $850

A fifteen-minute presentation can be a tremendous asset to your media portfolio — not to mention a great way to sell your services or products. I will help you refine your message and create a seven- to ten-slide PowerPoint presentation that supports your lecture, sales pitch or webinar.  

Laura teaches you to sell fire in hell.

Nikki Toscano, writer/producer, Revenge, Bates Motel

TV Series Pitch Packet – $1500

The packet includes:

– One-pager, with logline and series synopsis.

– Two-page pilot synopsis.

– Two pages of major character descriptions, including how they relate to each other and hints of stories to come.

– One page of upcoming storylines or episode ideas.

– One page that presents the strength of the series or of your team; this is a marketing page and it varies widely from project to project. Something based on a book, for instance, would highlight its awards and sales, while something based on your life would take a more personal approach. 

– Final tag or kicker that wraps up the piece.

One polish based on your notes and those of your team is included. 

Laura Brennan is one part teacher, one part artist, and one part writer’s secret weapon. For two decades, she has been my go-to advisor on both the craft of screenwriting and the art of screen-selling. For me and many other clients, she is quite simply the “Pitch Whisperer’… 

Matt Greenberg, screenwriter, Bob The Valkyrie, 1408, The Invisible Man, Halloween H2O

By Hour:

Coaching for media interviews, developing webinars, writing copy, and other projects are billed at $185/hour.  I offer a 25% discount for large or multiple projects, totaling more than eight hours of work in any given month.

I always offer an initial 20-minute call at no charge to discuss the scope of the project and to make sure we’re a good fit.  I will also give you a firm estimate and a timeline before we start working together, so there are no surprises along the way.

Drop me a line at to set up a time to chat.